The school logo consists of the Virgin Mary, the "Mother of Jesus", a title of honor and veneration and will forever remain such in the faith and life of the students and the institution. Bay Leaf represents peace and protection and signifies a degree in education. Golden Yellow symbolizes the shades that carry the promise of positive future. Red means good luck. The color Blue symbolizes inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. Halo means holiness, innocence and spiritual power.



Our Lady of Triumph Institute of Technology provides students comprehensive relevant quality programs of hospitality and maritime education, training, research and extension through meaningful and purposeful developmental activities and experiences as they become fully transformed professionals and citizens of the global community.


Our Lady of Triumph Institute of Technology is the premiere College in Northern Mindanao region known for nurturing the aspirations of its students and helping them to live, learn, and graduate as competent and responsible citizens preferred by the local and international hospitality and other industry sectors.