O dear God,

I have a dream





A dream of seeing myself,

Successful and happy, not just for me but for my family...


A Dream to become

What I want to become,

And I believe that Dream of mine is coming


So we believe and say...


We will learn and gain from this institution

The more we learn, the more passion

And be free from confusion.

OLT creates our lengthy vision,

And helps us reach the mission...


Soon we will drive out every doubt,

Be happy and be stout.

And we will all Shout...


OLTians... OLTians ...We will Triumph OLTians...


Lets continue thinking big, aiming high, and shooting far.

Going and chasing after our dreams

Because that’s what we all are.......


Doing the best in anything, risking everything,

and stopping at nothing....

To triumph we must persist

Where there is fear, faith cannot exist


Oltians Oltians We Will Triumph Oltians


Do whatever it takes to make

your dreams come true.

Always believe in miracles,


OLT believes in you, so do you!!!!




Our Lady of Triumph Institute of Technology provides students comprehensive relevant quality programs of hospitality and maritime education, training, research and extension through meaningful and purposeful developmental activities and experiences as they become fully transformed professionals and citizens of the global community.


Our Lady of Triumph Institute of Technology is the premiere College in Northern Mindanao region known for nurturing the aspirations of its students and helping them to live, learn, and graduate as competent and responsible citizens preferred by the local and international hospitality and other industry sectors.