Our Lady of Triumph Institute of Technology upholds the fundamental core values in all its affairs and activities. With this, we are destined to exude the following:



Love of God guides us to embrace others, use our gifts, talents and abilities to advance the well-being of our community and those we encounter.



Excellence commits us to challenge, develop and pursue higher standards and strive for quality in all aspects of life.



Professionalism compels us to do what is right in the performance of our duties in living one’s ethical and social standards.



Respect builds us to understand the gifts and unique contribution of every individual in the Institution, the community and to value diverse perspective.



Teamwork calls us to create an empowered, collaborative and involved workforce while affirming human dignity, respecting differences, cherishing diversity and valuing collaboration, competence and mutual accountability.



Environment draws us to provide responsible stewardship of all its resources while encouraging a spirit of service to society and a life style of philanthropy.




Our Lady of Triumph Institute of Technology provides students comprehensive relevant quality programs of hospitality and maritime education, training, research and extension through meaningful and purposeful developmental activities and experiences as they become fully transformed professionals and citizens of the global community.


Our Lady of Triumph Institute of Technology is the premiere College in Northern Mindanao region known for nurturing the aspirations of its students and helping them to live, learn, and graduate as competent and responsible citizens preferred by the local and international hospitality and other industry sectors.