In the beginning, the Maglasang family of Engr. Galileo and Madam Lucile together with their children, Cherrie Gal, Cherry Lou, Chery Adelle and Cherie Gel, just wanted to establish a kindergarten school for theater and the arts. "School of Angels" that's how Madam Lucile would want to call it.

Acquaintances and neighbors who have gone abroad as domestic helps then came to see the couple asking for help. Some of them were maltreated while working overseas. Being in the manning business, they thought of helping prospective OFWs to be properly trained not only on their work skills but also on how to deal with their future employers as well as learning additional skills so that they can multi-task and get better pay. In this regard, they started to set up a training facility in the year 2009 in Tangub City and called it the Divine Mercy Technical School.

At about time, the National Government through the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) came up with its scholarship program called the "President Gloria Scholarship" (PGS) Program. The idea of setting up a school then evolved to cover the various courses being offered by TESDA.

And then they met a Singaporean job placement and training management consultant in the hospitality industry who later on became their business partner. The idea of establishing a world class Hotel and Restaurant Management School started to take shape in the year 2010 offering Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management with 105 pioneering students. On December 12, 2013, the government permit to operate a four-year course, Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management was granted by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

Resourceful and bold in their program for progress, Engr. Galileo and Madam Lucile Maglasang acquired more facilities and expanded linkages in line with the progressive trends in educational management. The school exhibits positive numbers when it comes to industry-led linkages and partners that provide work opportunities for its graduates. Foreseeing the demands for the implementation of the K-12 program of the government, short term courses and technical programs were rationalized to answer the needs of time.

From just converting their modest residence in Bañadero, Ozamiz City into a Hospitality and Tourism School, the concept expanded and gradually, the development of a model school as the center of excellence in the development of human resources for the local and international hospitality industry came to being. In 2012, an additional three-storey building was constructed to house the administrative offices, library and modern classrooms to accommodate the increasing number of student population.

In brief, is the story of the Our Lady of Triumph Institute of Technology (OLT).




Our Lady of Triumph Institute of Technology provides students comprehensive relevant quality programs of hospitality and maritime education, training, research and extension through meaningful and purposeful developmental activities and experiences as they become fully transformed professionals and citizens of the global community.


Our Lady of Triumph Institute of Technology is the premiere College in Northern Mindanao region known for nurturing the aspirations of its students and helping them to live, learn, and graduate as competent and responsible citizens preferred by the local and international hospitality and other industry sectors.